UX/UI Designer
Project Manager


iQ 360 is a full-service agency. My task was to completely re-design the website with our new positioning in mind. The team agreed that we were willing to challenge the user and change their perspective on website.

The Low-down

After adding creative capabilities to iQ 360, it was time for a website update. In the discovery phase, I found out that most clients were acquired through referral and/or personal introduction. Looking at the analytics of the site, most visitors were repeat visitors and bounced out quickly after viewing the few case studies that were up. Although we wanted a site that showcased our services, we also took a chance at doing something completely different because we had the luxury of time. The goal changed from updating the look to creating something that was completely playful, interactive and challenged users to rethink the digital space and where it could go. I designed pages that scrolled up, instead of down, built as you scrolled to the side and had guiding lines to help the user's eye follow a pattern.

The concept revolved around the new positioning: Build reputation. Protect reputation.

This concept was visualized through the five senses.